Industrial Retailing

All our products are designed for reliable performance, easy maintenance and maximum energy efficiency.




Ntshu compressors are designed and manufactured by a dedicated enterprise
and are produced with advanced technologies under scientific management.

The Ntshu brand compressors features many advantages, such as low vibration, low noise, high efficiency and are widely used in the fields of mining, textile, food, chemical, petrochemical, instrumental, mineral, construction, power generation, shot blasting etc.

Compressor Lubricants

The synthetic compressor oils tested are formulated using polyalphaolephins (PAO), esters and polyglycols.

These synthetic oil chemistries are widely available and well accepted for use in compressor applications. Oils used in rotary screw compressors operate in severe environments. The oil in the compression chamber is exposed to high heat as well as moisture. The oil is futher exposed to high volumes of oxygen and constant churning. The oil is expected to lubricate the screws and bearings for extended periods of time (up to 8,000 hours).


PSI’s selection of filtration options offer significant energy savings in the compressed air system.

With smart efficient filtration you can minimise cost and product spoilage and maximise energy efficiency.


With over 3000 Air & Oil Separator designs for compressors,
PSI offers multiple options for the full range of air flows and performance requirements.

Conventional, pleated, depth construction spin-on and state-of-the art Sep-n-Sep design separator
allow PSI to cover the air & oil separation needs of the whole compressor applications.


Only Compressed air that is totally clean and dry will ensure maximum savings.

Failure to purify can be very costly. Avoid corrosion, machinery failure and product spoilage.
Reduce energy cost and improve productivity by installing the smart and efficient
compressed air dryer and filtration PSI can provide.


Ntshu Blowers

Premium, heavy-duty blowers renowned for their quality, dependability and outstanding performance.

Air Receivers

Air receivers store compressed air for peak demand in excess of compressor flow rate.

They increase the cooling of the compressed air and collect possible condensate and oil droplets. Storage can be used to control demand events in a compressed air system reducing both the pressure drop and the rate of decay. Storage can also be used to protect critical pressure applications from other events in the system.