Servicing, Refurbishment & Engineering

Ntshu Air’s policy is to work in close liaison with our clients when providing an on-going service on a project from contract review through to the installation, commissioning and operation.


On Site Servicing and Breakdown Repairs.

Servicing and Breakdown Repairs.

Ntshu carries out on site breakdown repairs and scheduled maintenance servicing on all makes of oil injected rotary screw compressors.

Our goal is to achieve the following objectives:
  • To allow for prescribed bearing life on air end.
  • To allow for prescribed bearing life on electrical motors.
  • To achieve maximum life expectancy on Air / Oil separator elements.
  • To ensure maximum usage on prescribed oil life.
  • To maintain a constant equilibrium through all working parts.
  • Smart Monitoring.

    Also known as condition monitoring, entails us to periodically check up on your equipment. This way we can spot and stop problems before they arise.

    The benefits of Condition Monitoring:
  • Reduce maintenance cost.
  • Reduce unexpected failure.
  • Reduce unscheduled outages.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Increase reliability.
  • Increase machine life.

    In-house Services and Facilities.

    Engineering Facility.

    Our machine shop is fully equipped with resources to support the repairs and refurbishment of rotary screw air compressor, air ends, blowers and housing repairs.

    Our facility includes:
  • Crane with lifting capacity of up to 4 tons.
  • Centre lathes.
  • Universal grinders.
  • Boring mills.
  • Drilling machines.
  • Milling machines.
  • Surface Grinders
  • Refurbishment Facility

    This workshop is one of the best equipped for the refurbishment of compressors in the Southern Hemisphere.

    Our facility includes:

    Cranage with lifting capacity of 5 and 10 tons.

    Instrumentation calibration test bench to calibrate instruments like gauges, temperature probes and thermal valve elements.

    Wash bay to ensure that all machines worked on are pre cleaned.

    The spray booth is equipped with an A Frame to ensure that articles are safely suspended and in addition to this a 4 ton crane was fitted.

    Complete overhaul and refurbished compressor test run bay capable of testing compressors and blowers absorbing up to 375 kW (500Hp).

    Overhead trolley type storage for dismantled equipment.

    Test Room Facility.

    This test room is the one and only testing facility in the Southern Hemisphere for the bench testing of overhauled bare rotary air compressor air ends and blower elements absorbing up and to 500kW and 20CFM to 3300CFM.

    Our facility includes:
  • Crane with lifting capacity of up to 4 tons
  • (5.5kW to 375kW) Electric motor
  • V12 Rolls-Royce (500kW)
  • Caterpillar C16 (400kW)
  • Deutz (150kW)
  • Air End services.

    Through our vast experience covering air-end rebuilding, we the founders of Ntshu Air not only originated the repair process of rotor-body shaft replacement and top hat fitment to suction and discharge housings, but realized to ensure a reliable and efficient rebuilt air end requires internal component interference fits, running clearances and the use of bearings, gaskets and seals as researched and developed by the original equipment manufacturers.